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A. Preamble

1. These terms and conditions apply to all purchases on the e-shop and  further define rights and obligations of the seller (ART PLUS s.r.o. with registered office in Strahovské nádvoří 11, 118 00 (postal code), IČ 63666375 (business license registration number), (hereinafter "the Provider") and the buyer (hereinafter "the Customer").

B. Order and sales and purchase agreement

1. All orders made via the e-shop are binding. When placing an order, the Customer confirms that he/she has been informed about all terms and conditions relating to the purchase (complaints procedure, shopping rules) and agrees with them. All prices in our e-shop include the VAT.
2. The order is a proposal of future sales and purchase agreement. The sales and purchase agreement becomes effective as of the moment when the goods are received by the Customer.
3. The e-shop provides all information needed to conclude the agreement in terms of general provisions as well as essential elements in accordance with the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. Name, description and price of the goods are always provided.
4. An electronic order is valid only if all required data have been duly completed in the order form on our website.
5. Place of delivery is the address given by the Customer in the registration form.
6. Title to goods passes to the Customer upon receipt of the goods only if the price of the goods has been paid in full.
7. By filling in the registration form or by placing a firm order, the Customer further agrees with gathering and storage of his/her personal data and information about his/her purchases or subsequent orders by the Provider.
All customer information is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000, Coll.

C. Complaints procedure

1. Any complaints will be handled in accordance with current legislation of the Czech Republic.

D. Rights and obligations of the Provider
a) The Provider shall execute any firm order of the Customer and send the ordered goods to the address given by the Customer, to be delivered within the time estimate given in the order confirmation. The Customer will receive an invoice together with the ordered goods.
b)All personal data provided by the Customer in the registration form are confidential.
c) In case of Customer’s written notification, the Provider shall subsequently erase all personal data related to the registered Customer.
d) The Provider has a right to refuse an order in case the Customer has breached his/her obligation to pay for the goods or to accept the delivery.
e) The Provider has a right to cancel the agreement (or firm order) in case it cannot be executed and the Customer has not agreed to a modification. In case of payment in advance (by bank transfer) for an order canceled for the above mentioned reasons, the Provider shall refund the full price for goods within 15 days from receiving the written contract cancellation.

E. Rights and obligations of the Customer
a) The Customer shall provide a correct full postal address to which the goods will be sent.
b) The Customer shall accept the delivery of the goods and pay the price in full. Calculation of the final full price is given in the customer order form and the Customer approves its amount before he/she submits the order.
c) The Customer has a right to ask for deletion of his/her personal data only by a written letter. The Provider shall subsequently erase all personal data related to the registered Customer within 3 days upon receipt of such a letter.
e) The Customer has a right to cancel the agreement no longer than 14 days from the date of delivery. Cancellation request (in the form of a written letter) shall be sent by registered post to the following address: ART PLUS s.r.o., Strahovské nádvoří 11, 118 00 (postal code). The letter must contain: identification of the Customer; identification of the goods; a bank account number to which refund shall be sent. The letter must be signed by the Customer and delivered to the address of the Provider no later than 14 days from the purchase, together with the purchased goods. The returned goods must be in original condition, unused and in the original packaging. Any expenses connected with returning of the purchased goods shall be borne by the Customer. Upon fulfillment of all the above mentioned complaint procedure requirements, the Provider shall refund the purchase price of the goods by bank transfer at the earliest opportunity.

F. Final Provisions
1. These terms and conditions are valid as published at on the day when the Customer’s order is placed.
2. By placing an order the Customer accepts all terms and conditions as effective at the moment of his/her order as well as the current price of ordered goods as listed at, unless it has been expressly agreed otherwise. The valid price for the goods is always the currently listed price. In case of an order placed after a change in price, the new price shall apply.

These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 1st February 2011.

How are the goods delivered?
The goods are dispatched safely packaged via the Czech Post. In case of a big order an alternative method of delivery can be arranged (by EMS or collection by the Customer). For further details please contact us at

How long will it take to get my order?
Delivery times always depend on the particular goods in the e-shop. Delivery time is usually about 1 – 3 days in case of delivery via the Czech Post if not stated otherwise in the catalog entry. Upon dispatch of your order you will get an e-mail notification. In case of any difficulties concerning delivery please contact us at

How can I pay for the goods?
You can choose from the following payment methods: cash on delivery, bank transfer or via bank payment terminal.
International payments are only possible via PAYPAL.

Cash on Delivery
Unframed maps can be paid for by cash on delivery via the Czech Post.

Bank transfer
You can pay for the goods by bank transfer to our account number - IBAN format of the KB account: CZ1901000000004757320207. The variable symbol for your payment will be sent to you by e-mail after your order confirmation. In case of payment via bank transfer, the goods will be dispatched as soon as our account has been credited.

Komercni banka
The payment is made by a payment terminal. The goods will be dispatched after our account has been credited.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?







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